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Quality, Accuracy, Service – and the Latest CNC Cutting Technology

Our profile division uses the latest cutting technology to provide a high-quality end product for our customers. We have invested in the highest specification machinery to ensure that we meet customers’ timescales and requirements without compromising on the service and the quality.

We have the ability to cut anything from 5mm to 35mm thick mild steel plate.

Connor McAinsh
Production Scheduler

Connor McAinsh is our production scheduler. He spent a number of years working for a laser and plasma cutting company and so has vast experience in the profiling sector.

Connor was trained on our new CNC plasma cutting machines and spent time with the manufacturer to fully understand the machine and gain a high level of understanding of the software that comes with the kit. As well as planning our overall production, Connor utilises his knowledge and experience to service profiling customers and the ensure that their expectations are fully met.