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National Apprenticeship Week

Meet Chloe, Mark, Lennon and Kyle. They are the current apprentices at Jenkins Fabrications. Mark is in his final year of his apprenticeship, Chloe is on her second year while Lennon and Kyle are in their first year. Following National Apprentice Week, we wanted to introduce you to our apprentices and tell you why they play a crucial role in our business.


Like most apprenticeships, Jenkins Fabrications apprenticeships focus on hands-on learning and job-specific skills. Our apprenticeships last 4 years and during this time apprentices will undertake their college work with Forth Valley College, complete in-house training in all things steel fabrication,  assist our experienced tradesman meaning they are learning on the job from the best, and they will have exposure to our site work.

Our number one aim at Jenkins Fabrications is to ensure we are offering a practical and effective pathway to a successful career by combining on-the-job training with education. It allows our apprentices the unique opportunity to learn, earn, and grow professionally in our specific trade of steel fabrication. A skilled workforce leads to higher productivity and innovation.

What are the benefits to completing an apprenticeship?

  1. Job-Specific Skills: Hands-on training in a specific trade or profession, allowing individuals to develop practical skills.
  2. Earn While You Learn: Apprentices earn a wage while they learn on the job.
  3. Industry Experience: Gain real-world experience in a particular industry. This builds technical skills and helps individuals understand the practical aspects of the job, the industry, and working environments.
  4. Career Progression: Long-term career opportunities within the chosen field. Employers often value the combination of practical skills and formal training that apprentices have, which can lead to promotions and career advancement.
  5. Personal Development: In addition to technical skills, apprenticeships help individuals develop skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management. These transferable skills are valuable in any career and boost overall personal development.

For over 65 years, apprenticeships have been integral to the success and growth of our business, as well as giving local, young people a chance to thrive in the workplace.